Kick-start Your Motivation

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.” — Jim Ryun

There are certain moments in our lives when we just don’t feel motivated to get up and make a difference in our lives. Whether it’s going to work, finishing a project, or simply getting that leak in the kitchen fixed; we all need the inspiration to get us going.

So how can we regain inspiration once we feel we’re losing it?

Below are some simple tips on how to kick-start your motivation.

1. Set one goal at a time – Usually when you have too much going on in your life the feeling of reaching the finish line becomes less and less a reality and in turn, sucks your energy and motivation away. It’s best to set one goal at a time and focus your energy on it. It may also help if you read motivational messages every now and then to stay inspired.

2. Never lose sight of the finish line – If you ingrain an idea in your mind little by little every day, the more likely you attract it to happen. Think about your goal every day and keep reminding yourself ways you can attain it. This will fuel your fire daily.

3. Take small steps – When you have a big goal, it helps if you make small achievable steps along the way. The feeling of fulfillment for every step will make you feel even more successful and inspire you to finish your goal. Success builds success.

Every success is built on hard work and dedication. But, it is fueled by our drive to achieve our goals. So find your own dose of inspiration and keep your eyes on your dreams.

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