What is your greatest motivating factor?

There are a lot of factors that could inspire us to do certain things. Some people are inspired with power, while others are inspired out of fear. Below are some common factors that usually get people to stand up and take some action.

1. Reward – We’ve all experienced this, especially when we were kids. When your parents tell you to clean your room in exchange for ice cream. Or when your teacher gives you a good score if you do well on a math test. Having the knowledge that you will be rewarded for a certain action can be highly motivating for some people; especially when the stakes are high.

2. Fear – Some people are inspired by fear. When they see how a situation is going to end and they don’t like the possible consequences, it usually is a great motivating factor to wake up and make sure it doesn’t end up the way they don’t want it to.

3. Peer pressure – Whether we admit it or not acceptance of society and those around you is a greatest motivating factor in our lives. The idea of fitting into a group or being praised by your peer is enough to inspire us to excel. It can be as simple as jumping off a cliff with friends or moving to a new city; our peers can be a great motivating factor that makes us take action.

We all have our own inspiration that propels us. It may be a bit different from person to person. But what unites us is that drive to achieve something better.

What is your greatest motivating factor? Do you agree with the factors above? Share in the comments below!

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